Video of the winning apps!

It is now available the video of the Barcelona Augmented Reality Hackathon. There you can see the three winning teams with the AR apps they developed the 15th of March using the FIcontent enablers.

And the winners is…

Last Saturday March 15th 2014, the Fabra & Coats creative factory hosted the Augmented Reality Games Barcelona Hackathon. The event gathered six teams of developers and creative people in a 12-hour-long contest to build Augmented Reality games with the Pervasive Gaming platform enablers of the FIcontent project. The teams were asked to create a game that fitted into one or more of the following categories: AR Toy/Tabletop game, AR Installation game, AR City-wide game, or a Serious/Educational AR game.
The 22 participants who took part in the Hackathon displayed a high level of ability and enthusiasm, and worked hard all day on their applications in a relaxed atmosphere. At the end of the event, each group pitched their application in a round of public presentations. These entries were evaluated by a panel of judges on three criteria: Creativity, Originality and Innovation; Completeness and Polishment; and Usage of Enablers.Finally, the panel of judges singled out three teams as winners of the challenge:
1st prize – MiniBomb, with the game “Divine and Conquer”, an AR card game with plenty of minigames where players are priests competing for divine favours.
2nd prize – TriceRaptor, with the game “Wormhole Catcher”, an AR serious city-wide game in which the search for hidden wormholes drives the user’s discovery of the cultural heritage of a city.
3rd prize – Reality Shift, with the game “Monster Rift”, an AR fantasy game where players train creatures and battle each other for the highest score.
The winning teams received a cash prize, and won as well the chance to present their polished applications before the FI Content 2 consortium during the meeting to be held in Barcelona on the 22nd of May.
the winners!
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Coders, artists, get ready!

i2CAT invities you to take part in the Augmented Reality Games Hackathon, that will take place the 15th of March in Barcelona.

> 4 Challenges
> Teams of 2 to 4 people
> Free registration
> Everyone can participate, just bring your laptop

Further details, coming soon!

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